“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  Albert Einstein

Or. That tiny two letter word with the weighty implication. Choose. Either. Or.

Can you feel the tension?

Which are you likely to rely on the most? Your head, or your heart? Is one, indeed, more reliable than the other? Perhaps you, are more reliable if you engage both. You are both. Aren’t you?

Theoretically it would be helpful to clearly define what is meant by “head” and “heart.” When one speaks of ‘use your head’, the implication is ‘agreeable to reason.’ Rational. Intelligent. Logical. Sensible. Sound. Stable. Level-headed. Judicious. Prudent. Lucid. Sane. Who does not want to be all of those things? Knowledge is power, yes? Who of us does not want to be considered educated, reasonable and powerful for good? Able to make sound, rational, sensible, intelligent decisions?

Ah. The lure of it all.

When referring to ‘listen to your heart’, we travel down a very different implied road. Instinct. Visceral. Inborn. Innate. Inherent. Intrinsic. Intuitive. There are those who say, “Don’t trust your feelings.” Feelings can be rash, reckless, illogical, unreasonable. There seems to be an associated external versus internal dynamic going on. Talk about tension. And where does wisdom come in? We, who are so wise, can choose. Either. Or.

We deceive ourselves.

‘Heart’ stirs up the concept of emotion. Is effective thought or decision making void of emotion? May I ask you a question? Why would anyone waste the emotional learning life has offered you, sometimes at a very great cost? Have you ever wept so deeply you thought you would be asphyxiated by your very own flood of tears?

Have you ever known such profound joy you could not find words to honor the holiness of the moment? Profoundly important and impactful marks and meaning have been made in and on your life in those times.

If only life were linear, and “right” answers were all that was required to make a “right” decision. If only “right” decisions would make everything all “right.” You could tie up all of your brilliant figured-out-rightness in a neat and tidy bundle. Then, perhaps, market it. Seven Easy Steps to Being Smart and Making Smart Decisions. As if it is possible to obtain all of the information all at the same time before you will decide. No matter how hard you work or how long you wait, you will never have it. You will not have all of the answers you seek at the time you seek them. There are questions you may never know the answer to. Will you keep asking questions? From your head? And, from your heart?

Life is not linear or tritely figured out or worked out in ways we want it to work out.

Life is often chaos. Life is alive. It is an uncertainty. A mystery. It is an incredible gift. Sometimes it is impossible to wrap your head or your heart around the beauty of it. Sometimes, the gravity of it is just absolutely baffling. The tragedy and the comedy of it belong to each of us. For good and for ill.

Maybe our head and our heart work together to offer something more, something so alive it grows too large to be held just on the inside. Maybe our conscience reasoning and our instinctive feeling can be strong together and emerge as intuition and insight. Creativity. Inspiration. A feel for patterns. The ability to visualize and synthesize. Being able to see things a different way, to recognize subtle differences in shades of meaning, or expression.

Life is so startling, so uncertain, so holy with meaning, we are going to need all of both, our whole head and our whole heart, to navigate our way.

There may be times when we lose our way, when our thoughts seem irrational more than rational, our passion turns numb to our senses, squashing any form of enthusiasm. There will likely be times when hope seems hopeless. When grief and fear practically paralyze us. But things are not always only as they seem.

We must make our way to the sticking place. The sticking place of courage. Of a love that will never ever fail. Where head nor heart will be distracted or diverted from what is true. What is true is that God, the Master of the Universe, has battled death with His strong love and has destroyed the power of sin, recapturing the relationship He has always wanted with His people and is redeeming the darkest moments of life with the wonder of His grace.

Bring with you, your inmost mind. And bring with you, your inmost heart and soul. Come, aware of your essential nature, your most true being. Come, pondering the center of your life; the core of your heart and soul that God is forming and shaping and eternally caring for.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

Be intuitive.

Be rational.

Be faithful.

Be the servant.

Let your head and your heart and your soul and your whole-holy-with-meaning-life burst wide open with love that has made sense and has made no sense at all. Love that has known grief and sorrow and joy and laughter and togetherness and turmoil and tears.

You, be the sacred gift.

Will you?